Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The one with Pizza Guy

It was a dark night with thunderstorms and lightning in the background.

I got a dream yesterday wherein i was talking to my mother about some girlfriend of mine and the tempers were flying high in all directions. Then i got irritated and went on to drink water from fridge. Just then i heard my younger bro and sis fighting in another adjacent room. I went into their room , they were fighting over some petty issue. I shouted at them and made them quiet.

I came out of the room and saw main gate of my house open .It was raining heavily with wild winds cranking doors and windows .I reached out to close the gate shouting who has kept the door open, suddenly i saw a guy coming out of one of the rooms and running fastly outside of our house.I chased him with full force and saw that that guy was a pizza delivery guy who was running wildly in middlr of the road. I shouted at him "giving some hindi gaalis ofcourse , come on i am a guy and not a girl who will give those dumb swearings ".

But somehow he vanished quickly , then i saw one bike nearby and saw that he has left his Pizza delivery bike"...I was left with awe , now what should i do....

Just then my shutter went up : I mean i woke up :(


  1. That is pretty weird, but dreams usually are. Sounds like you must have some kind of turmoil in your life. Maybe you are trying to blame others for things that are happening to you or perhaps you just feel like you need to get away to a change of scene in your life. It seems if you were "left with awe" in seeing the bike that this might be a message that you need to escape something in your life and have a change of environment.

    Just a possible thought

    Well recorded dream.

    Tossing It Out

  2. @ lee oh boy - I didnt think that deep.thanks for ur insight though, it kept me thinking for a while, but as i said i want to capture my dreams here, i dont know why they occur or what are the reasons ......

  3. hey firstly, thnx for visiting my blog and giving ur comments too....
    secondly..recording dreams is an interesting work...u may read them feel them ..feel the situation..analyse and think over it...its an amazing journey to the world full of questions ..and a journey where u can meet people of ur wishes..and still samtimes find the desired situations too...
    i too met such situation yesterday...do find time to read my next post..i will post it in two days...
    want to say one more thing....enjoy ur dreams.and doo keep sharing it...
    following ur blog...happy Dreaming...:-)